October 13, 2011

Food, How I've Missed You

Earlier today I stumbled across Whitney Port's top ten favorite foods while I was on her blog (love her). Besides  the fact that I NEED these adorable panda sushi's in my life at one point or another, it made me think of all of the foods that I want when I go home a week from tomorrow (not that I am counting down the days or anything...).

Oh how I miss real food. Every time I drag myself to Graham, or even Ernie, I have high hopes that today will be the day when the food will be delicious and I'll happily go back for seconds. Everyday that is not the case. I am already planning out every single meal and snack I want my mom to make me or that I want to take out, I miss Wellesley!
  1. Pinkberry. A medium original with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and animal crackers. (Drooling at the thought of all that exotic fruit, also who knew upstate New York doesn't have tart yogurt?! WTF)
  2. First dinner: grilled salmon with green beans and shallots. Dying at the memory of real flavors.
  3. Truly's. Coffee-Oreo on the friday I get home, with oreo crumbles. Purely for nostalgic purposes.
  4. Pumpkin pancakes. I've never had them but I've always wanted to try and they sound like the perfect treat for a homecoming.
  5. A salad with italian salad-dressing. A family staple that I've never gone this long without probably in my entire life. 
  6. Linden Deli. Enough said. 
  7. A good steak. Although I might have that bad reaction that vegetarians get when they have meat for the first time in years... that's how long it feel's like it's been since I've had a real piece of meat. 
  8. Cafe Mangal's turkey sandwich with sweet pickles and sprouts. AH, complex food groups. I forgot you even existed...
  9. Anything from the new Whole Paycheck Foods.
  10. All the honeycrisp apples my heart desires. And other falltime treats (Cider Donuts anyone?)