May 31, 2013

May 30, 2013

Prom Night!

Wellesley Prom was two nights ago and I am lovinggggg stalking everyone's beautiful dresses! I feel like Wellesley is slightly more casual about prom than most other towns are. Very few people my year did the long dress thing but it looks like a lot of girls this year did. I definitely wish I had though because when else can you work a long formal dress?

I loved prom night. I wore a Lilly Pulitzer summer dress and the Lily gold wedges. But my favorite part was the perfect crown braid my haidresser did for me. Why can't my hair look like this everyday!!

Here's are my prom dress picks if I could do it all over again: 

My Lilly prom pick. It's cute and simple and can definitely be easily re-worn. I got a lot of use out of my Lilly prom dress and I think that this one would be the same.
I love this, and it also has a really gorgeous bare back. I think it would look so cute with some really daring neon or gold jewelry.
This Trina Turk dress is adorable with a deep tan and gold accessories.
I love a good high necked dress. This dress is just begging for bold jewelry!

May 29, 2013

Obession: Kai Fragrance

I've never been a big perfume person. Mostly because when I was little my mom would always freak out whenever I sprayed anything remotely fragranced (she claims shes allergic). "Perfumey" perfumes kind of freak me out and I hate when smells are really overwhelming and invasive.

Enter: Kai Fragrances. This label even has my mom's seal of approval! I did an event for Wellesley Weston with The Candy Bar in Wellesley a few weeks ago and was instantly enamored with the Kai brand. Created by a woman who spent her youth vacationing in the tropics, Kai strives to avoid smells similar to mainstream perfumes. This stuff just smells like pure summertime. Clean and fresh and subtly sweet is how I would describe these delicious products. Definitely planning on going back for more!

May 28, 2013


It's my favorite day of the year!!! While one of them anyway! The new Lilly agendas are available for pre-order--- YAYYYYY! Anyone that knows me knows that I am completely OCD about mine... I literally have it with me AT ALL TIMES. Everything is color-coded and absolutely every last appointment is scheduled weeks in advance. I think I would immediately die if I ever lost it. Anyways the 2014 ones came out today and I've already pre-ordered mine! I got this little beaut:
But I love them all!

May 27, 2013

The Bling Ring and The Spring Breakers: The Crazy Girl Movie Trend...

Alright I am going to be honest with you.

I usually think Emma Watson is an annoying goody-goody and that shes trying way too hard to break out of her Hermione role. I used to think that she was ALMOST as bad as the dreaded Anne Hathaway (blehhh I don't even want her name to be on my blog--sorry Tess and Allie if you're reading this) but her involvement in The Perks of Being a Wallflower began to change my opinion of her and now The Bling Ring might be just enough to 100% change my mind. I don't know why but these bad-girl MTV-style movies seem to be quite trendy these days and I've gotta say, I'm interested.

First there was The Spring Breakers which I haven't gotten a chance to see yet (is it even out yet?) but I read an interesting article about this movie in an old issue of Rolling Stone that I stole from Day Hall during finals week.

The director,  Harmony Korine, sounds absolutely nuts. A paragraph from the article: "Korine, 40, grew up a day's drive from the Florida beaches he calls "the Redneck Riviera," but he was never one for spring break himself. "I spent my summers in San Francisco skateboarding and sleeping on rooftops," he says, "or jumping on Greyhound buses and going to Kentucky or Las Vegas." After coming up with the idea for the movie, he took several months collecting imagery from fraternity message boards and coed porn sites, then wrote the movie over 10 Diet Coke-fueled days in Panama City Beach, which happened to coincide with spring break."

This just doesn't even sound real. He definitely was bull-shitting when he answered this question. Like he took that answer from somewhere. Jumping on Greyhound buses to Las Vegas? Skateboarding and sleeping on rooftops? Do people actually do this? Is there a world outside of Wellesley where these things exist or is this something that he stole from like On the Road or something? Not sure. Whatever, not the point.

Anyway, now there's this The Bling Ring. This looks great. Spring Breakers I am just kind of curious about because it sounds so unbelievably weird I just can't rationalize NOT seeing it, Bling Ring, on the other hand (no pun intended ha. ha.) I actually really want to see.

Will this be an ongoing trend? Has anyone seen either of these movies?ALSO, probably the most important question here... what are these "actual events" that they speak of in The Bling Ring trailer?

May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I love Memorial Day! It's like a precursor to one of my other favorite holidays-- the 4th of July. I love seeing more America-themed things than usual and I love how everything about summer feels new and exciting during Memorial Day Weekend.

Today my family and I are taking our usual trip down the Cape for what's supposed to be the first beach weekend of the year. Today's not looking so hot unfortunately so we're trying to plan some sort of adventurous activity-- I'll keep ya posted... but it looks like tomorrow has beach potential! Hope you all have a great weekend, maybe I'll see you on the Cape!

P.S. Check out some of my Memorial Day Weekend necessities from last year! I'll definitely have all of these things with me this weekend as well:)

May 25, 2013

Summer Camp Packing Necessities

As you've probably noticed from the fact that I literally find a way to mention it in EVERY single blog post--- I am packing for camp! Unfortunately, its been so long since I was last at camp that I kind of forget the things that I knew to always bring. Luckily I remember the 9 most important things so I thought I would share in case any of you guys are lucky enough to be going away this summer as well!
1. Duct Tape: Duct Tape is the absolute most useful thing in the world. Don't even try to argue with me. Duct Tape can be used to patch a hole in a screen window so bugs won't get in. It can make a sleeping bag stay rolled when you lose the little Velcro part that is supposed to secure it. It can be used as a make-shift band-aid. It can be used to secure your flip-flops to your feet during a rousing game of Douse the Fire. It can be used to tape your camp drawers shut when its time to move out (I tear up at the thought). The list goes on and on. Duct Tape is a MUST. 

2. Norts: See my Addictions post. Enough said. 

3. Croakies: Lilly is obviously preferable but really any kind is a requirement. Sunglasses are basically a permanent fixture on my face while at camp considering I am constantly outside. But with all the running, swimming, and boating I do they can easily fall off. Hence--croakies. 

4. Shark Freestyle Watch: LOVE THIS THING. First of all, how cool are those colors? These watches are sure to enhance any tan, plus they'll leave you with a sick watch tan at the end of the summer. The Shark watch tells time in 2 different time zones so you can not only know the Hyannis time but you can also help out your fellow foreign friends by letting them know what the time is across the pond. It also has a stopwatch AND an alarm clock. I realize that these are probably features that ALL digital watches have, but they seem especially cool to me.

5. Converse All Stars: You never know when you'll need a pair of closed toe sneakers for high ropes or land sports. I am obsessed with these neon ones. I think I am the only person in all of Syracuse that doesn't own a pair of these shoes but I think these are the ones that will finally tempt me.

6. Nalgene: Hydration is a must.

7. Rainbows: Don't own a pair of these yet either, but this might be the summer. They always look so comfortable once they finally get broken in and they probably won't fall apart as easily as the $5 ones at Old Navy.

8. A Good Old Fashioned Composition Notebook: I kept a journal last time I was at camp and I forced myself to write in it every single day. I saved literally everything and pasted it in. I absolutely love that book and its probably one of my most valued possessions. 

9. CRAFTING SUPPLIES: You're not camp cool unless you have friendship bracelets up to your elbows. 

May 24, 2013

Summer Reading: May 2013

Having time to read for fun is one of my absolute favorite parts of summer. There is nothing I love more than setting up in a sunny spot at the beach with a good book. Every summer I try to read as much as possible, mixing my list with classics like The Great Gatsby and chick lit like anything by Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks. I haven't been at the beach too much since I've been home from school (with the exception of Palm Beach) but I have still managed to get quite a bit of reading done.

This book was WILD and I can't wait for the movie that will inevitably follow. I don't want to give too much away, but I can promise that this is one of those books that you cannot put down. Next on my list are Flynn's other two books Sharp Objects and Dark Places.

Elin Hilderbrand's books are the absolute perfect summer read. Being from Nantucket, Hilderbrand bases all her novels on my favorite island. The little details she adds about the main characters visiting places like Something Natural and Cisco Brewery make me that much more excited to go on our annual trip! Definitely will need to stock up on a few of these novels come Nantucket.  

This is what I am currently reading. Its definitely much better written than The Island but equally scandalous.  

May 23, 2013

DIY: Seashell Vase

This probably doesn't actually count as DIY because I didn't actually make anything but whatever haha. I love the way this turned out! I've collected SO many shells over the years through my trips to Nantucket, Captiva, Aruba and various other islandy type places. They're so beautiful and such special mementos of my trips but I've never had a good way of displaying them. Originally, they were just scattered around my room in random little mini dishes. Now they're all together! I think they're so pretty and I love the way they look sitting on my dresser. 


My latest bikini purchase! It goes with one of the two trends I am totally in love with: America and neon. I've seen a lot of other America themed bikinis out there and some of them are a little too cliche/borderline trashy, but I love how this one is a little more subtle! The things that look like white polka dots are actually tiny little stars. So excited to wear this at camp this July!

May 21, 2013


I picked this up at a cool store in Palm Beach called Z Gallerie. I don't usually buy random items like this... generally speaking 60% of my measly income goes to like....Chipotle... and the other 39.9% to J.Crew so my budget for random items is pretty small. But I really couldn't resist this cage thing. I've seen ones like it before but not as intricate--and not as cute of a color! I want to put something in it but I am not entirely sure what. A basic white candle is the most obvious choice but I feel like it could be used for something more interesting... I am open to suggestions!

My Last Days Video

Well I just cried for a solid 20 minutes. Worth it though. Incredible. 

May 20, 2013

New Music: Chocolate - The 1975

My latest song obsession. Love their accents! For fans of The Kooks.


Some women have a purse addiction. Some can't pass up on a great pair of shoes. 

I am not one of those women. 

I have a serious, serious addiction to three things: Norts (Nike shorts for those of you who have been living under a college attire rock), T-Shirt Tank Tops, and chino shorts. 

Basically I have a really hard time getting dressed in the wintertime when putting throwing a pair of norts and a tank over a bikini won't exactly cut it for walking to class in the snow. 
Anyways, as I have been preparing and packing for camp my addiction/obsession has really become more apparent. I've determined that I could go at the very least two weeks without re-wearing a single pair of shorts or tank. I don't hate it. 
I have been working on my Norts collection for a few years now. Originally, I liked to stick with classic colors for track practice a lot of black and white... but now I like to get the craziest color combination the store has to offer (note my most recent camp purchase... the neon yellow ones--LOVE). I wear these whenever I don't feel like getting dressed "for real." A lot of other sports companies make knock-offs for a few dollars less, but don't be fooled people, they are NOT the same, and are not as comfortable or flattering. Stick to the orig people.
When I DO feel like wearing "real clothes," I wear these. Most of the chinos are from J.Crew I seriously can't go into a J.Crew without being lured in by the table of brightly colored shorts. They make you look so tan! They're so colorful I need them all! And Gap is usually good for patterned chinos.
The T-Shirt Tank Top is a highly valued item in my closet. I sleep in them, I run in them, I wear them to work at Truly's or the gym, I wear them to class when I am feeling lazy. They're the best. You can still get tan shoulders in the summer time, they don't show sweat. They're just the absolute best. Also, they're even becoming kind of lamely sentimental to me. I always have to buy one at every single fraternity philanthropy and every vacation spot I go to. Love them. 

Other problematic (and pricey) addictions include: Essie nail polish in shades of coral and orange, BIKINIS!, summer dresses, Jack Rogers sandals, Patagonia fleeces, and cotton tank tops.

What are your clothing addictions? 

May 19, 2013


Is it so lame that I teared up watching this? 

Especially at the beginning when he was talking about how he couldn't understand why the returners were so infatuated? 


May 18, 2013

Palm Beach

Lilly's house!

Royal Palms 
Beautiful clear water

Mom and I
My mom and I just got back from a quick trip down to Palm Beach. It was so fun and the perfect start to a perfect summer. The weather was beautiful and I effectively got quite sunburned on the first day--but its already turned to tan! We watched The Great Gatsby (excellent), found the perfect store (Lola Chiq Boutique--OBSESSED), and stalked the late Lilly Pulitzer's home (beautiful!). All in all it was a great trip and we were both sad to leave. 

End of Sophomore Year!

I cannot believe I am half way done with college. WHAT. Sophomore year was SO much better than freshman year. I couldn't have asked for better friends. And I was so lucky to live where I lived and to finally say that I was a Newhouse student!
This semester I...
  1. Survived my first recruitment from "the other side"
  2. Found the 2 absolute most perfect littles
  3. FINALLY decided on a major (5th times the charm, right?): Magazine Journalism
  4. Matched with my big on the regular
  5. Got lost hiking
  6. Did a Color Run (Bucket List item!)
  7. Signed the lease for my senior house!
  8. Made lots of new friends
  9. Got an E-Council position in Phi Sig
  10. Made Dean's List both semesters
Already looking forward to a great summer:)

Summer Frat/Trap Mix

A few weekends ago I went to a party where the DJ was absolutely incredible. The fact that I may or may not have been incredibly drunk may or may not have affected this judgement. HOWEVER, I was with it enough to use my favorite app (Shazam) to steal all of the music he was playing. Hence-- my discovery of "trap" music. I give you the perfect playlist for those summer nights when you're dying to go out and * it possible?* actually MISSING college. Enjoy. 

P.S. I am completely aware that summer frat/trap mix is a very toolish thing to name a playlist but it is what it is. 

May 2, 2013

Birthday Swag (aka I have the best friends EVER)

I literally had the greatest 20th birthday ever. It was a stunning 78 degrees here in Syracuse, NY without a cloud in the sky---that alone is the perfect gift! I went out the night before so I could celebrate my birthday when it actually turned midnight, I had an amazing time (maybe a little TOO amazing ;) ) and spent today tanning, listening to country music, eating sushi, and being with my best friends. 

I literally couldn't ask for better friends both at home and at school and I am so so so lucky to have met them. My friends were OVERLY generous this year and I absolutely love and appreciate all of my amazing and thoughtful gifts!
Birthday Gifts

Forever 21 graphic design tee / J.Crew j crew / Hanky Panky thong / Kate Spade photo bracelet / Earrings / Kate Spade earrings / Essie nail polish / Essie nail polish, $25

I can't wait to wear all my beautiful new jewelry and this cat shirt is PURRRRFECT (see what I did there?) for camp! Thanks again to all of my friends for making this the best birthday ever! <3