March 27, 2013

Camp Hayward Interview

So there is a teeny, tiny, chance I might be returning to my all time favorite place this summer. CAMP! I have my interview today and I am literally so nervous. I got a little choked up even writing my application late Monday night. This paragraph was my absolute gold:

"Ever since my JC summer I have dreamed of returning to Hayward. My passion for camp is apparent to anyone that knows me. In the past few years I have encouraged many of my close family friends and younger cousins to attend the camp that has changed my life so drastically. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them develop a love for camp that is just as strong as mine. I know that my enthusiasm and passion for camp will show every single day that I am there. With this energy I hope to inspire campers and staff alike to enjoy their summer to it’s fullest. No matter what task I am doing, whether it be as exciting as pontoon jumping or as seemingly mundane as camp clean-up, I will devote my positive attitude toward making it as fun as possible for all around me. In all honesty, my experiences at Camp Hayward have influenced so much of my life, including my decision to attend Syracuse University and my decision to join Phi Sigma Sigma. The lifelong friendships I have made at Camp Hayward have provided me with an unbreakable support system the past few years and I would love to again be a part of an organization that would foster these relationships in future generations of campers." 
Tess asked me how long that took to write and I laughed and said only a minute. It's straight from the heart! 

March 20, 2013

New Music: Life in Color Mix - Adventure Club

In case anyone needs any post-Spring Break cheering up, this'll do it. Here's to the weekend!

March 19, 2013

iPhone Games

I have never been a big iPhone game person. I had a short stint with Words With Friends and an even shorter stint with Temple Run, but I never hoped on the Angry Birds bandwagon and that 4 Pics 1 Word game just annoys me. 

Enter Icomania.

Maybe its the fact that I've been taking graphic design classes all year but the little icon pictures are just so cool. I love this game because its just the right level of difficulty. I've spent enough time at Target and running errands with my mom that all of the brand names are at the very least vaguely familiar to me. Basically they simplify pictures of characters, brands logos, and famous people and you have to guess what they are.

This is the first one they give you. They start out pretty easy but they can get tough!! Allie showed me IconPopBrand and IconPopQuiz I like even better. On Icomania if you get stuck you can't move forward unless you cheat and Google it or bother everyone you know by waving your phone in their face and asking if they know what this picture means. But on IconPopBrand and IconPopQuiz you can click any of the pictures and guess as you please.

It's so addicting.
You're welcome. 

March 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013!

My mom and I took a trip to the ICA museum in South Boston. I hadn't been there since one of my first ever dates with Tycho back in 2009. It was fun doing something out of the ordinary with my mom!
Mom enjoying the view of the harbor at the ICA.
On one of the first nights back I went for a walk around one of my favorite places (Lake Waban) with one of my oldest friends, Austin, and his adorable dog, Harry.
Made delicious food!

Finally made it to those Wrenthem Outlets! Unfortunately, I did not come back with any of these Tory Burch treasures.
Managed to watch the entire first two seasons of The O.C. I think this is probably my 9th time going through this show. #nevergetsold
After the ICA my mom and I went Charles St. for some window-shopping. It was the most beautiful day and I always forget how picturesque Charles St. is. Here are some gorgeous needlepoint belts we saw at one of my favorite stores, North River Outfitters.
Finally got my colorful Nikes I have been coveting for what feels like forever!
Lake Winnipesaukee the afternoon of my grandmother's funeral. A very morose day, but nice to catch up with family that I haven't seen in a while.
While I was insanely jealous of all my friends who were posting Instagram pics of various beaches, tropical drinks, and sunsets, I managed to have a great spring break at home! I did everything on my Spring Break Bucket List and more. Just being home and going on walks with my family and friends around my favorite places was vacation enough for me.

March 9, 2013

13 Questions!

(1) What's your favorite vacation destination? Nantucket, duh!!! But really anywhere with a beach. I love all of Cape Cod, Captiva Island in Florida has a lot of great family memories for me. The British Virgin Islands were absolutely stunning, and I would never say no to another trip back to Palm Beach, Aruba. 

(2) Coke or Pepsi? Neither, the carbonation hurts my throat... I'm a baby, I know.

(3) Favorite childhood TV show? Full House, Lizzie McGuire, As Told By Ginger, Boy Meets World. Still love every single one of those shows. I with Lizzie McGuire and As Told By Ginger still played reruns haha I really miss that stuff. 

(4) What's your pump-up song? Anything by KapSlap!

(5) What's your favorite accessory? My Tory Burch crossbody. Or my RayBans. I am still shocked I haven't lost those sunglasses yet. 

(6) What's your guilty pleasure? Breakfast sandwiches, I die.

(7) What's your pet peeve? Slow walkers. Snorers. Unprofessional or unreliable people.

(8) City or country? Suburb:)

(9) What's your favorite monogram style? Circle! Circle all the way, always circle.

(10) What is your go-to drink at Starbucks? Nonfat mocha, no whip.

(11) What are you most excited about for spring? The clothes!

(12) What's your dream job? Public relations for a magazine or clothing store. I would love to be in charge of the social media or event planning for a brand that I am passionate about.

(13) Spring item you are most coveting? Ugh, there are way too many haha. A new Lilly bikini, colorful Nike sneakers, a Lulu Lemon tank. Crop tops from American Apparel.

March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The O.C. 8tracks

This show had such an impact on my music taste throughout life. So many of my favorite sad songs came from this show, not to mention my love for Rooney and continued love for Modest Mouse. Honestly, I still haven't gotten over Marisa's death/the fact that she and Ryan couldn't end up getting married. Is it sad that I miss these characters like they were real people? Anyways, enjoy this throwback to middle school nostalgia!

March 5, 2013

Monogrammed Bikini

I'm dying. 

I've seen other monogrammed bikinis before--Marley Lilly has some, but none pull it off quite as well as this website, Rah Rah Designs, does. These are freaking adorable and I see myself literally spending the entire summer in this on the Cape.

They have a few different styles of monograms but as you know the circle is forever my fav. 
Check it out!

Big Little Reveal!!

It's finally reveal, I have been waiting so long to post this!!! I can finally say to the world how much I am in love with my perfect beautiful littles!!! Hiiiii Rylee and Alex welcome to THE BEST FAMILY in Phi Sig. Seriously you don't even know how much love you're getting yourselves into:).

Now I can finally brag about how beautiful these crafts I made were! 
Emma, Me, Rylee, and Alex: The New and Improved Shambles! Note the embroidered Vineyard Vines whale reveal shirts... yeah we went there...  
Emma and I had so much fun making these! I wish I had a better picture. But basically these beautiful boxes started out as plain white wooden boxes. We painted a chevron patter on the top and then got the babies' initials and painted those a solid color and hot glue gunned them on. Then I added the rhinestone details around them. Finally, I had been collecting so many cute cut out things from Glamour magazine this past year. I used some cute quotes and pictures that would make good clues for who we were--like the tiny monogram necklace in the bottom left corner of this picture!--and then collaged them on the inside bottom of the box. So fun too make and I think they turned out so well!!
 Emma made one of these for me last year and I absolutely love it. Her's had pink rhinestones in it too. But these are so cute for hanging in your dorm room or decorating your desk at home with. Love!
 Cute little leftover buckets from my 18th Birthday Brunch. I added some glitter initial stickers to the outside for personalization and then filled them with little goodies like candy and nail polish:)
 Alex's "You and Me" basket! This is the 2nd basket and for Shambles, its always the best and most extravagent. You're supposed to fill it with all the little's favorite things (books, magazines, movies, candy, food, etc) and then some of your favorite things as well. It usually works out pretty well because me and Emma and now me and Alex and Rylee have a lot of the same favorite things!
 Rylee's "You and Me" basket. I literally wanted to keep all of this stuff for myself--that's how you know you did a good job!
Rylee's "Going Out and Staying In" basket.

My corny basket clues. Haha rhyming isn't my strong suit... crafting (and picking littles!) is! 
Couldn't be more obsessed with my new family members:)
<3 <3 <3

March 4, 2013

Slightly Stoopid

Ok I know Slightly Stoopid was kind of middle school, but I still love it. Their songs bring me the sun on my face, the wind in the air, the smell of the salty ocean, and the taste of a strawberry daiquiri by the pool. I can instantly close my eyes and be driving over the Sanibel Causeway or on the plane over the Carribbean ocean. On this gray Syracuse Day a little taste of the islands are just what I want.

March 3, 2013

New Music: Stay (Branchez Bootleg) - Rihanna

I know I just said I wasn't trying to make this into a music blog, but this is literally too good not to post. I can already tell this is going to be on repeat ALL of Spring break!

But also speaking of music blogs, this one is awesome.


I have been the worst blogger ever lately!!! It's midterm week and this has basically been my life:
Glamorous, I know. 

Literally all I've had time for lately has been posting all my new music, which has been plentiful lately, no complaints here. But I didn't intend for this blog to be a music blog so I need to keep writing. I just finished putting things together for the last big/little baskets!!! I cannot believe it's already over (kind of). I literally cannot wait for my littles to find out who I am so we can finally hang out! Later this week I will be able to post pictures of all the cool things I've made for them the past month or so. Since I can't actually post the things I've made YET (who knows if my littles are cool enough to have started blog-stalking me yet), here's some things I took inspiration from:
Turns out a pound of rhinestones goes a LONG way. I made my littles countless bedazzled gifts but today I felt like making something for myself instead of studying for midterms. Naturally, I bedazzled my white board. I gotta give credit where credit is deserved and this was actually my roommate Lily's idea. I just want to glue gun rhinestones to every possible surface. It's strangely so relaxing.

Anyways, I will keep you updated when I can finally post my basket pics. I am so proud of them!!:)