February 25, 2013

Kumquat Takes Bid Day

Too funny not to share! 

Currently Coveting

J. Crew factory just added a ton of new Spring arrivals all at 30% off! 
Here are my top three favorite new items:

The perfect dress for throwing over a bathing suit at the beach this summer

Can you tell this reddish-orange is my favorite color? I think this would be so cute with a navy top for a dinner date

Socks are such a boring item--until you add some cute decorations like--mini pink elephants!

February 24, 2013

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was packed with all of my favorite things!

On Thursday night me and Mackenzie went on a spur of the moment trip back to her house. We cooked real food, I got to snuggle with cats, watched Safe Haven, and painted nails. I also got my little(s!!!!) this weekend!!! I love them both and I absolutely CANNOT wait til they are allowed to know who I am. 

Me, Emma, Lo, and Mackenzie spent most of Friday buying out all of Micheal's, Target, and Five Below for basket supplies. I think Shambles is definitely going to keep up the tradition of going totally over the top when spoiling our littles. I am so excited to post pictures of the baskets when they are done!! Later we went to a circus themed party and met up with some of my best friends from Phi Sig that graduated last year, it was great to see them but I wish they could stay forever :( .
Getting a little crazy in the Target parking lot
Before the circus party!

Saturday, Emma and I camped out in the Watson Study Lounge and crafted the night away. Today I got up early to participate in a dodge ball tournament philanthropy event. And the best surprise of the day was when my friend Liana brought me my absolute favorite soup from my favorite deli in Wellesley! All in all the weekend was just what I needed... a little R&R in an actual home with an actual mom, a little taste of the real world with all the big/little shopping, and some quality time with my big before I become a big myself:)

Thanks for the soup Liana!
Phi Sig takes Sig Ep dodgeball!

February 19, 2013

American Teens in the 1950s

I enrolled in a class called American Teens in the 1950s this semester, it was the name of the class that got me--I just couldn't pass up such an obscure title. It can be a little boring at times but I have absolutely loved watching these videos. Is it sad that I really wish dating was still like this? I just want a boy to call me up and offer me a lot of options for potential activities, whats wrong with that?

February 18, 2013

February 13 Best of: Nostalgia

I know it's only Monday but I've been having a pretty weird week so far. I am not sure if it's because last weekend was the first all semester that I've gotten a chance to relax and reflect but I've been feeling pretty nostalgic/homesick. I cannot believe how quickly this semester has been flying by, I've been so busy that I barely even noticed that it's almost March!
Spring break is only a few weeks away but I've been really craving some Boston love. Lately these songs from my sleep/slow playlist have been on repeat. The full sleep/slow playlist can be found here and is basically a collection of the 75 saddest songs I've ever heard since, like, 7th grade. Honestly so good for those days when you just need to have a good think, nap, reflection, or cry. This playlist is definitely on a more somber note than last month's "13 Best of" but everyone has those days and hopefully this will help:)

February 16, 2013

Shopping List!

I am FINALLY going to the mall tomorrow and its embarrassing how excited I am!!! Recruitment was literally so stressful (and fun! But really stressful...) and I've been DYING for some retail therapy ever since, but after getting bronchitis from recruitment and spending the last few weeks catching up on work I haven't gotten a chance to go this semester. Tess's mom is visiting this weekend for parents weekend and not only was she amazing enough to take me and Mackenzie out for a delicious meal at Pastabilitie's tonight she is letting me hitch a ride to Destiny USA (literally the strangest name ever for a mall, I know) with them tomorrow. Here's whats on my shopping list...
1. Cute, Colorful Nikes 

2. The Perfect Going Out Dress
(So I don't have to threaten going nude to anymore date parties...)

3. Something fun and springy...
I'll let you know how it goes!

February 15, 2013

New Music: Dzeko & Torres

I am sorry I haven't been posting very frequently lately!! This week has been SO crazy with midterms and with the hunt for the perfect baby shambles! This new pledge class is so big and there are so many cool girls to date that my Lilly planner is literally FILLED with Starbucks and Faculty dates. I promise I'll get back into the daily posting groove again soon, but in the mean time enjoy some new music, courtesy of my new friend, Zoe!

February 11, 2013

The Office Pinterest Account

Everyone knows that Pinterest is probably the greatest time waster ever created.
And it just got a whole lot better...

The Office boards!

Looking at this just makes me so jealous of the lucky intern or PR person that got asked to work on this project. Seriously, this is what I should be doing with my life. The Andy Bernard board is definitely my favorite. This show is just too perfect!

Vacation Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I took a vacation from crazy Syracuse and caught the very last bus to Binghamton before Nemo hit on Friday. Luckily, central New York didn't get hit nearly as bad as back home in Boston and NYC did. 

Tycho and I spent the weekend finishing The Office, eating the ridiculously delicious food Binghamton University's dining hall has to offer, and going enjoying the beautiful nature that I can't get in Syracuse. It was just the taste of home that I needed!

February 7, 2013

Heavy Rotation

My usual cozy ensemble.
I am in a major outfit rut. 

When I am home and working at my mom's store its a lot easier to motivate myself to put aside the yoga pants and don a real outfit on the daily. But back at school I am constantly alternating between my WunderUnders and my beloved "buttzips." I have two pairs of each and they are absolutely addictive in their comfort and versatility; I've convinced pretty much all of my friends to invest in a pair of the wonderful, amazing J.Crew Pixie Pant (better known in my circle as buttzips). Any sort of legging-pant paired with the coziest sweater I can get my hands on and a chambray shirt has basically been daily my uniform ever since the weather turned bitter around October.

Anyways, Emma was over last night and mentioned that she had never seen me wear the majority of the tops that pack my overstuffed closet. I have shirts on shirts on shirts that have barely even seen the light of day at Syracuse! It really is a shame, there are so many outfits just to waste.

She dared me to wear something today that wasn't leggings and a sweater--and I did!... only to spill an entire spoonful of strawberry Chobani on my shirt this morning in graphics. No one saw though! (I hope...). I'm not going to lie though, there was definitely a little voice in the back of my head that taunted, "this wouldn't have happened had you been wearing the 'buttzips.'" But I wiped it off and recovered, and today I've realized that actually getting dressed in the morning has some benefits. For example, I am way less likely to crawl back into bed in between classes if my clothing doesn't so closely resemble sleepwear and I actually feel a lot more alert during the day knowing that I am not wearing something that would be just as suitable to curl up and watch TV in on the weekends.

Crisp and professional for class!
Here is today's outfit. A little better right?? At least I wore "real pants" for once (aka nothing legging-like or black). I am definitely going to try to make it a habit to branch out of my regular uniform a few more days a week.

But in case you still can't break your yoga-pant obsession here's a link to the J.Crew Factory version of the Pixie Pant. They're not exactly a butt-zip because the zipper is on the side, but other than that they are the exact same pant, and $28 cheaper! For those days when a cozy sweater and leggings just can't be replaced...the weekend calls!

Love and Honor

Take a hot sec and break up your work day with YET ANOTHER steamy war romance...
they really just don't get old. 

February 5, 2013

Recruitment Weekend and Bid Day

Waiting for the baby Chis!
Sorry for the lack of posting! The past two weekends of recruitment were really intense. I barely left Phi Sig from Thursday to Sunday and I hadn't seen the outside world until I went to my 8am on Monday morning. Despite the lack of sleep and the bronchitis I got afterwards, it was so worth it!!! 

Phi Sig is proud to have 63 new baby Chis! They're all so great and I cannot wait to get to know them better. I really loved being on the other side of recruitment and getting the chance to tell so many girls why Phi Sig is the best house on campus. 

Spring semester last year feels like it was just days ago, it flew by so quickly with big/little, initiation, spring formal, and Cinco. It was literally the best semester EVER and I only hope that this Spring can come close to living up to it. I hope the Chis have just as much fun as I did.

For Bid Day on Sunday we all went to Wonderworks at Destiny USA. It was really cool--it reminded me a lot of the Boston Museum of Science. I really want to go back for the huge ropes course they have hanging over the rest of the mall. So weird that the new part of the mall has so many random attractions, but they all looked really cool and I would love to go back.

Getting a little weird well the babies are getting their bids!
Welcome home!

February 4, 2013

New Music: DJ Chachi: Split Personalities Vol. 4

If anyone else out there has "get back into shape" on their New Year's Resolution list, 
you're welcome.