March 1, 2014

March Madness!

I am so excited because I have some really fun things coming up! I was actually shocked to look at my phone this morning and realize that it was already March 1st. I feel like Valentine's Day was just a second ago. My family's visit and our trip to Paris came and went all too quickly, but here we are in March and time is sure to be flying even faster with all of my upcoming adventures.

Four things to be excited for in March...
  • Mackenzie is coming to London!!! I cannot wait to see my best friend abroad and here about all of her amazing adventures in Italy. I seriously cannot picture Mack a world traveler but now she is and I want to hear all about it!! We made her trip even more exciting by booking a tour at the Harry Potter WB Tour with her little Gabby as well. The Harry Potter tour has been on my bucket list since before I even got to England and I was bummed when it filled up over Love London weekend before I even had a chance to make the wait list. But the day is finally upon us! April 4th, 2014 we will be there, woohoo!
  • Now that it's March my trip to Berlin is coming up! I booked it with the school so I am pretty much guaranteed to seeing as much as absolutely possible in my little 72 hour journey. I don't know a soul on the trip so that should be a bit of an adventure in and off itself. I know I would probably never have traveled to Germany any other time in my life so I am eager to seize this opportunity and make the most of it.
  • Lewis and I booked our trip to Dublin about a month ago and since then I've been brainstorming all the fun things we can do there. We specifically chose a hotel with a pool so that we could have as much fun splashing around as we did at the Hyannis Travel Inn this summer, but more excitingly we just booked a day tour to the Cliffs of Moher. They look STUNNING and a couple of movies have even used it as a location (Harry Potter!). I cannot wait for the photo oppritunities that will definitely ensue. 
  • Already Spring Break is less than a week away! On Thursday I am taking a six hour train to Dundee, Scotland to visit one of my best friends from camp, Nicole. We spent ten weeks this summer living in a yurt and working on the waterfront together and I can't believe how much time has already passed since. It will be so good to catch up.