June 24, 2011

bathtub graveyard

Tycho came to Marion today and, again, we explored New Bedford. We ventured up to the top floor of a sketchy warehouse and found this...


I cannot WAIT for Syracuse. I love every video by this guy, Aaron Freeder, whoever he is. If you followed my old blog, he's the one that did the Juice Jammers video that I was so obsessed with. Anyways, I have been thinking about it so much lately and I just want to find out about my roommate and all that so badly. Two more months!

June 22, 2011

I got an email this morning from one of Hayward and Burgess's creative geniuses. It was sent to all of us diehards that couldn't be there this summer basically letting us know about a plan he had to create a video of us all giving advice to the new staff this year and letting them know how much they need to appreciate the precious time they have there. It's so nice to know that I am not alone in how much I regret not being there. Here is the letter:

Dearest Burgess and Hayward family.

Summer has landed on spectacle pond and for some of you it’s good to be home, whilst for others this is all still very daunting. But we can assure you this summer will change you for the better.
This hidden treasure you’ve stumbled upon will be home to you soon enough and in an instant you’ll be fighting the tears as you come to say goodbye to some of the closest, funniest and let’s be honest - strangest friends that you will hold onto for life.

There's people sat among you right now that hated their staff over night and were scared of all the cult- like singing, that are still here 5 years on. So whether it's instant or a slow process, you WILL leave calling this place home!

Ultimately it takes courage to accept this position and to do your best. We ask only that you have faith in yourself and in the others around you. You are here to develop as a person.

So us voices of the past want to say to you, do not waste a moment, it’ll be over before you know it! Some of you will know us as friends and colleagues, maybe we were even your counsellors in the past, but all of us get the camp blues by not being able to be with you in one of the most magical places you’ll ever have the honour of living.

So here are some words of advice...
-         Laugh with your cabin as often as you can. This is summer camp not school.
-        Challenge yourself. If you’re terrified of heights, water or insects, embrace the chance to conquer your fears with your kids – they’ll help you through it and respect you more for trying!
-        Sing loudly, if you don’t lose your voice during co-ed days, sing louder!
-        Dress like you’ve never dressed before! And don’t be scared by the power of paint!
-        Don’t let it get you down when your squirty chicken fails to squirt.
-        Surprise your kids. Do something they’ll never expect and they will never forget you.
-        Expect tears. You’re all so close at camp that emotions are heightened, sometimes for good, sometimes for the not so good, but take a step back and take a deep breath.
-        Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of your campers, the advice and comfort of an 8 year old can be the most comforting of all.
-        ‘Hey Andy....Hey what... Can you do it?!’ never gets boring!
-        Never underestimate the power of no hands dinner, it’s the simplest way of making your cabin laugh and bond, and they’ll soon forget that they miss home.
-        Remember each session is the 2 weeks your campers have been waiting for all year.
-        Don’t be afraid to act silly - the kids will love you for it and after all, it’s camp!
-        No matter what anyone tells you, after all the energy it will zap from you, starting Rise and Shine "from the top" will ALWAYS be funny.
-        Never let late nights, early mornings and rushing to CAPs let you stop and look around you. This place is good for your soul so drink it in at every opportunity.
-        Allow others to know you and see your light, your weakness... expose the strengths of others. Yin and yang.
-        Learn which days are ‘C-is-for-cookie’ days- it’s such a shame to waste a pop-stop!
-        Collect keep-sakes…when it gets to winter and you’re pining to be back on the dock, that bracelet someone made you will be the inspiration for you to arrange a get-together
-        Enjoy Hyannis Mall – Vampire Weekend are right – it IS a ghetto, but it’s your ghetto for the next 3 months and we still miss the frozen yoghurt from the food court
-        Get to know everyone – and we don’t just mean the loudest or the coolest – we mean everyone! Some of the quietest people are just waiting to be discovered
-        Camp is the most accepting place you’ll ever find. So shake off the pressure of being cool and looking good- here no one cares so embrace it and be yourself!
-        Be a ‘yes man’ – if someone gives you the chance to try something…try it! Even if it doesn’t work out, at the very least you’ll have a story to tell
-        Observe others, make a note of the good things you see every day in your campers and colleagues, make it a target it tell each of them just ONE good thing that you saw them do today, it helps us to make a meaningful connection.
-        Who knows when you’ll be back here? Do anything and everything you can to make sure that even if you’re only here once, that one time is enough!
-        And remember, you’ve got a summer ahead of you when you’ll have the sun on your back and time on your side – these really are the best days of our lives

So there you have it…advice from people who’ve been there, done that, and who’ve got 6 of the t-shirts! Take our advice, ignore it or laugh at it- it doesn’t really matter seeing as you’re gonna see it all for yourself as you have the time of your life

You’re about to make some precious memories. Be excited! It’s hard to put into words just what camp does to you - you’ll discover things about yourself that you never knew before, you’ll find yourself acting in a way you’ve never been comfortable acting before.

You’ll soon be responsible for putting so many smiles on so many kid’s faces- and that’s something you’ll forever be proud of. Don’t underestimate the influence you will have this summer, not only on the kids, but on each other. Never underrate the potential you have as a positive role model. Embrace it.

We’d like to wish you all the best of luck and ask you to make the most of every moment over the next few weeks- we’ll all be thinking of you wishing we were there!
Have faith and confidence in yourself and trust your judgement.  Inspire
And lastly, open your mind, open your eyes and open your heart to the incredible experience that will be Camp Burgess and Hayward Summer 2011.

new hobbies

Since I am not at camp this summer I am finding myself trying to stay as "busy" as possible so I won't let my mind wander towards all the fun I am inevitably missing out on at Hayward. Besides the lists of ridiculous errands I've sent myself on, I have taken up a hobby I had long abandoned: reading. I didn't realize quite how much I missed it until I got back into it; However, that's not to say that I've been reading anything particularly substantial, but it's been enjoyable nonetheless.
So far, I have read pretty much everything Ann Brashares has to offer... except I had to skip a good part of the second half of The Last Summer because it was too depressing. My Name is Memory was pretty interesting although it definitely needs a sequel because the ending was just not that satisfying. And I haven't been able to put down the final installment of The Travelling Pants.

I also think I have finally learned to appreciate the library. (Despite the fact that the books don't have the good new smell and I hate how you can't bring food in and you have to be quiet.) Next on my list is Kathryn Stockett's The Help and Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake.

June 20, 2011

my room

Today my new pictures FINALLY came and I spent most of my morning redoing my boards. I've always wanted to blog about them as they are my absolute favorite part of my room. I have three, one huge one and two smaller ones, that sit over my desk. Oftentimes this year when I was sitting at my desk frustrated with a paper or a conversation I was having online I found my mood improving immensely as I looked at my pictures.

June 19, 2011

Wayside Inn

I photographed a 100 year old's birthday party at the Wayside Inn last night. What a beautiful place; here are some of my favorites:

I love the, "for man, woman, and beast."

I was pleasantly surprised that this picture came out the way it did. The power's of the SLR are still new to me!

So adorable

June 18, 2011

Oh! And I forgot one for my list, perhaps the most important one for my list:

Missing Home

While its absoultely crushing my soul that I am not at camp right now, I am trying to think of all of the thinks that I would miss if I were at camp:

1. Spending all of August shopping for everything imaginable I could ever need for college. (As opposed to feverishly trying to think of everything I would ever need for a year away from home in the two short days I would have in between the end of banquet and Syracuse. And just dealing with college stuff in general.
2. Sleeping in. (Although I do miss the discipline it took to begin naturally waking up at 7:00am every morning).
3. Fresh fruit, home cooked food, meat that's actually edible.
4. Being able to wear nice summer clothes.
5. Some of my friends and family.
6. Silvershell, Marion, Nantucket.
7. My room.

Wahh, weak list. But what's done is done.

June 16, 2011

Vera Duffel

I picked this out as a graduation present for myself (from Pat) while I was in Marion. I am not usually a huge Vera Bradley advocate, but I think this bag will be the perfect size for visits home from college, or future trips down to the cape. I can't wait to have Robin put a big white circle monogram on the front of it!

Another shot from the strawberry picking farm, sad to leave!

Fearless Future from LF Stores on Vimeo.

Marion Trip pt.2

We ended the day with a delicious dinner at Oxford's and some home-made strawberry shortcakes with the strawberries we picked from today. Also, tonight was such a gigantic full moon. The tide was the highest I've ever seen it at Silvershell, the jetty was almost entirely covered and the moon was bright enough to cast long shadows on the sand.

Marion Trip

On Tuesday Tycho and I drove to Marion despite the warnings of bad weather. We spent the first day driving around New Bedford and getting terribly lost, but we finally stopped at one of the huge antique warehouses and managed to catch the last hour. I bought this old key to make a necklace with, I just have to find a store that sells long chains. I have so many little things that would make nice necklaces… just no chains. I also got this little vanity and chair that was made for a dollset. It was a random buy. I wanted the whole set of furniture but I couldn’t resist this. I would loved to see the house that goes with it, I bet it was beautiful.

Today it finally warmed up and we went to the beach, picked strawberries, got iced coffee, went back to the beach, and got lobster rolls at Oxford Creamery (another thing to cross off the list!).

This cat had the greatest life, it had another cat friend and the whole time we were there they pounced and played and rolled around in the strawberry patches.

Cutest puppy EVER
My Name is Memory - Ann Brashares

a few things from the summer 2011 to-do list

  • Elm Bank Antiques & Charles River Coffee House
  • Brimfield with Hannah and Tycho
  • Tubing at Camp Tyler
  • Lobster Rolls at Oxford Creamery
  • Dinner’s on Tycho’s porch
  • Crane’s Beach
  • Finally going to Dairy Joy
  • Night swimming in Marion
  • Sitting around a Firepit
  • Visit Provincetown
  • Martha’s Vineyard for the day with Tycho

Beaded Earrings

My friend Dana made these for me. I’ve been wearing them all weekend, so obsessed, I wish I had the patience to make stuff like this..

June 15, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Now that Tycho bought his new Nikon I can officially pretend to be Emily Schuman from Cupcakes&Cashmere and blog about cool antiques and restaurants and home decorating. According to Hannah all I need now is an apartment in LA, a black cat, and “really pretentious pasta salad recipes”…coming right up.

Leaving sunny, tropical, Captiva to rainy, gray, Massachusetts was a disappointment but today we spent the day eating breakfast at the Charles River Coffee House and then visiting the Elm Bank Antique Show, something that has been on the Summer 2011 To-Do list since last summer. I didn’t buy anything except for a birthday gift for Tycho that he’s supposed to forget about til August, but I definitely saw some things I liked.

sterling silver fish beads from Madrid

old horseshoes

roses from the garden

ham, swiss, and egg breakfast sandwich

coffee and a +1 manicure