March 27, 2012


As much as I want  need to get into Newhouse, I can't help but crack up at these...

March 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Love coming home to my beautiful room!

Weekend Loves

Made these with Hannah today. Love mine! Already had two people order bracelets from me today (and they're gonna give me money for them!!!). 

Also, currently obsessed with this soundtrack, perfect summer mix.

March 6, 2012

Big/Little Week IS THE BEST.

I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BIG. I don't know how she knows me so well already, but this is literally one of the most generous gifts I have EVER received!! It is literally ALL of my favorite things! Norts, magazines, a new iphone case!, spongebob, pretty little liars, I am obsessed. I love it. I have the best big ever and I cannot wait to find out who it is!!! THANK YOU<3