July 14, 2011

July Books

I finished allllllll of my June books and they were all so good. After The Help there was a terrible span of two days where I was stuck in Marion with nothing to read, but now I am home and have had a successful trip to the library.

I used to hate the library because it didn't have the pretty displays and new book smells the bookstore had, but that was before I found the perfect solution to my Library Problem: I go to the bookstore first, make a list of all the books I would buy if I had any money to actually buy anything (let alone books), and then get them at the library. That way I don't have to spend hours aimlessly searching before getting frustrated, and then I won't have any buyer's remorse. See? Perfect solution. Here's what I've got so far.

I read the first one and it was kind of stupid but it held my attention, so why not.

Cause the movie is coming out soon.

So good. So so so good. Perfect summer read. Reminds me so much of The Last Summer.