July 10, 2012

2012 Summer Reading

Like I said in my last post, there are certain habits I try to get into in the summer, one of which is training myself to wake up early, the other is trying to use my computer as infrequently as possible. Both of these things I hope to continue into the school year... but we'll see about that haha. I love disconnecting from technology in the summertime because it leaves SO much time to do other things. It's so scary to realize how much time our generation wastes on guilty pressures like netflix, pinterest, and twitter. Anyways, disconnecting has left so much time to learn more bracelet DIYs, spending time with family, and READING. Last summer I retreated to the typical fluffy summer reads (think Jodi Piccoult, Judy Blume, Nicholas Sparks, etc), but this summer I've tried to read books that I didn't get to enjoy the first time around under the pressures of high school english class.
I started kind of light with The Secret Life of Bees a book I had read many years ago for summer reading. It was alright, but not my favorite of what I've read so far.
Then, in anticipation of the upcoming movie, I reread The Great Gatsby. Gatsby was assigned to my english class sophomore year but I absolutely hated my teacher and the way she harped on every little detail of this book really killed the experience for me. I have to say I loved it the second time around and definitely wanted to keep reading.  It actually works really well as a summer read because of where and when it takes place. It made me want to reread another sophomore year assigned reading book by Kate Chopin, The Awakening, which I feel like any Gatsby fan would also enjoy.
Then to the shock of many of my friends who also had to read this in high school I reread Grapes of Wrath. So many of my friends hated this book but I always really liked it. You know when you read a certain book on vacation or during a really memorable time in your life and that makes the book mean more to you somehow? I think thats what it is with this book. I can remember staying awake all night reading it as a camper in Cabin Oaks in 2009. For some reason it brings me right back to Hayward. 
As much as I did like Grapes of Wrath I figured I deserved a bit of a break after reading something so heavy... 

My current read. Just started it, but reminds me of the show which is good because I only have 6 more episodes left of the series:/

 I have such a hard time picking out my own books to read so if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment!