December 8, 2013

Mark & Graham

Like most cool things, I found this company on Pinterest. First of all, they have this super cool monogram maker that I am not at all ashamed to admit that I spent a good 30 minutes playing with. Ugh it even has this perfect monogram guide with information on the difference between guy and gal monograms, married couple monograms, and even how to monogram a confusing last name--stuff I didn't even know about!!! So handy!!

But, most importantly, their products are ADORABLE. Monogramming is so trendy right now that I was beginning to feel like I wasn't seeing anything new. But Mark & Graham have so many cool things I had a hard time deciding what to feature on the blog.

I love the stripey shirts in the picture above. I did a similar thing with an old L.L. Bean Sailor Shirt a few summers ago and I absolutely loved it, but it would definitely be cool to have an upgrade!!

 I also love these cuffs. Having the full name in the lowercase font is really cute and quaint and I love this because its the type of jewelry that you can leave on for days at a time--just my style!

Finally these city necklaces are perfect. They don't have a Boston OR a London though so I'll just have to wait until they realize what they cool cities out there are.

Anyways, this website is definitely worth a look, even if it is just to mess around with the monogram maker for a few minutes (or 30...)!