December 11, 2013


This post was inspired by the fact that something pretty monumental happened today. 
Get ready....
My mom went shopping for me!

 It's not that it's the first time that this has happened... she's surprised me with a lot of my favorite things (my fur vest that she bought me in high school--before fur vests were even cool, mind you, my butt zips--before butt zips were even cool too!...and I don't know what else but there were lots more I am sure)...but the first time it's happened in a long time. I am not allowed to have any of these items yet because it's not Christmas yet, but I did see them and they are wonderful. They're also very trendy and while my style usually stays pretty classic, there are quite a few trends around lately that I've had my eye on.

Crushed Velvet
Ugh I WISH I could pull this trend off. As much as I hate to admit it, I think my interest in the velvet trend is very Syracuse influenced. The Armory Square Urban Outfitters had a pair of black crushed velvet leggings and I am so interested. I feel like because everyone and their mother wears black leggings to everything these days, a velvet pair wouldn't be too outrageous. I am also interested in some sort of flppy A-line velvet skirt...which I am sure can also be found at UO. 

Patterned Leggings in General...
Despite my fear of not being able to pull of velvet leggings, I can't help but continue to swoon over patterned leggings in general. The other day, a friend said that anyone can pull anything off as long as they have the guts to actually wear it. While this can be kind of a sticky statement... I don't think I will EVER be able to rock a middle part, sorry Syracuse... I think for the most part what she said is true and I am keeping my eyes peeled for a fun pair of tights to break up all the black.

Ok I know these shoes have been trendy for a while now but I've never really felt like I needed to own a pair until now. I just want a really durable (and cheap, preferably cheap... but does durable and cheap really exist anywhere outside of L.L. Bean? Lmk) pair of black or cheetah print loafers. If you see a pair hmu... for real though I'm on the prowl (haha get it, prowl? Cheetahs? ha ha ha haaaa).

 Cropped Shirts
You should go out and get this top. I know it doesn't look too exciting in the picture, but trust me it is. Also, it's on sale: $17. If that's not reason enough I don't know what is. My mom got me a shimmery silvery skirt from BCBG, a pair of these fantastic gold and black shorts that look like a skirt (also BCBG), and a burgundy faux leather skirt and this black crop top goes with ALL of them but each outfit looks completely different. That's magic, that is. Naturally I am going back for every other color the store had. 

There's a lot of leather stuff out there right now. Leather pants, leather skirts, I've even seen a couple of leather tops. I don't want to commit to this trend TOO much, mostly because I feel overheated and claustrophobic when I think too much about leather pants BUT I can dig it in little doses. Of course, J.Crew kills it. 

There's also the tuxedo stripe butt zips AND LOOK AT HOW THEIR PAIRED WITH CAT PRINT LOAFERS I MEAN COME ON. And the $695 full leather butt zips if you really want to go there. 
It literally pains me to write the word 'booties,' I hate it, it just sounds weird to me... but I want a pair so I had to do it. I have this dress that I got from Madewell a few weeks ago and I know the only thing that's going to look good with it is a pair of b**ties. These are the ones. Unfortunately I don't have $228 kicking around but you bet if I did I'd be rocking these b**ties.