May 28, 2014

I'm Baaaaack!

I'm baaaaack! 

I missed blogging! I really did, but there was just TOO much to do in London and my bucket list was constantly calling. 

I managed to cross off 72/78 things on it--including "See a pheasant in real life," "Eat a 'beigal' in Brick Lane," "Sneak into Trinity College Library," and "Go to (But not fall off) the Cliffs of Moher," but not, "Meet Rosie Londoner," or "Eat all the chocolate at the Cadbury Factory," or "Eat a 'brownie' in Amsterdam," oh well, there's always next time...

I promise I'll be back this summer filling you in on all my soon to be adventures. I'm back at camp for year #7 (how did time go so quickly?!), interning for Cape Cod Magazine in Hyannis, and am going mad posting all the wonderful things from the Wellesley Holiday Boutique's social media accounts (here and here!).

Until then, here's a little catch up of all my England adventures.