April 10, 2012


I was BEYOND excited to see my all time favorite socialite on the cover of my all time favorite magazine this month:

I've actually been so obsessed with her ever since her Laguna Beach days. From the moment she started her Teen Vogue internship during the first season of the Hills to her final fight with Heidi Montag L.C. has been my favorite person on TV. She was never catty or slutty like the other girls on the show. She stood by Heidi despite the surgery, the bitchiness, the repulsive men. She was always the nice girl, the good friend, the classy one. I also am obsessed with this video she did for Glamour.com:

(Notice her monogram necklace at 0:26!!!!!!). It's also so comforting to know that there are other people out there (especially celebrities) who are NOT fans of trying too hard to look overly sexy (i.e. my hatred of "butt skirts"-- the disgusting bandage skirt/dress trend). L.C.'s tips to live by:
  1. If you can walk in heels-- good. If you can't--don't. 
  2. A little bit of cleavage is fine. 
  3. Touchable hair. Over-styled hair.
  4. Being sexy is picking one thing to show off