April 23, 2012

Spring Formal!


Formal was last weekend and it was definitely one of the best nights I have had so far at Syracuse.  As stressful as the planning leading up to it was the night was a great time. It was so fun to take a little trip off campus with all my friends before craziness with finals and the end of the year kicked in this week. I CANNOT believe that I will be home two weeks from tomorrow. More importantly, I cannot believe that I am actually upset by that fact. It literally took me seven months to stop hating Syracuse and I am finally completely in love with it (except for the fact that it snowed today...). Freshman year FLEW by and I am so happy about the fact that everything is finally falling into place next year (phi sig, Watson with my best friends, and (HOPEFULLY) Newhouse.

Big & Little!!
Best friends, Mackenzie, Lo, and I