April 26, 2012

A year ago now...

I can't believe it was this time a year ago that I was graduating from high school. The future was terrifying and mysterious and as much as I was excited to leave behind senior year I was so scared to abandon what was familiar. I don't know why I am feeling so bizarrely nostalgic right now. I am just remembering all those nights me and Christina had like four hour conversations while I was babysitting just wondering how the hell we had ended up where we were. This time of year is always kind of weird but I am kind of feeling like this again. I just kind of wish I could have my birthday at home and go for a walk around my own neighborhood.

On the eve of my 18th birthday, Tycho and I went for a walk around my neighborhood and just talked. I love that no matter how much time we spend together we never ever run out of things to talk about. That weekend was one of the first balmy weekends of the spring and it was starting to feel like it was all coming full speed ahead: prom, graduation and the rush towards the end of it all. But on that walk, it was just us and the night and none of that other stuff mattered. I had that perfect feeling of infinity. 

The self paper playlist.