May 15, 2012

Lilly Agenda

These have been on the Lilly website for about 2 days now and I've already pre-ordered mine. Who's surprised? (Answer: no one should be).  It literally took me the full 2 days and a 90 minute Skype session with Emma to decide which one to get. The little ones were out right away because I can barely fit my schedule into the large one I had this year. The jumbo's were a little too much of a commitment, so that left the larges and the new plastic cover ones. I ended up with the pink alligator one, although it was a tough call between that and the sailboat one. 

My 2011-2012 Lilly agenda has not left my side since I bought it in Nantucket last summer. I literally remind myself to do everything in it. It was especially helpful during pledging and finals over the winter. Even now I use it to coordinate my work schedule with trips to the Cape. I have friends that don't use agenda books and I don't understand how they manage to get anything done-- especially at school it's an absolute must have.