May 6, 2012

Not Ready to Leave

I can't believe it. Freshman year is over in 2 days. Two finals left and I am gone. 

I don't even want to leave anymore, I love it so much now. I am going to miss the house, spending hours at Bleu Monkey, walking to Starbucks, the view from day8, I am even going to miss complaining about Graham, walking down two flights of stairs to 603, the pizza troll, runs down Euclid and Ostrom. Seriously who am I right now getting nostalgic about this year that I hated up until four months ago? I am already having mini panic attacks about all of my friends graduating next year. At this point, if I get into Newhouse, great, if not, I know I don't need it anymore to be happy here. I survived a Syracuse "winter" and an entire year away from home. I am so glad to be leaving on a note where I actually WANT to come back, I am so excited about the things to come! 

The start of our winning friendship! Never thought it was possible to have so much in common with someone, we are the same person and I absolutely love it, seriously don't think we can go a whole summer without hanging out.

MACKENZIEEEEE beyond excited to be living with you next year! No distance between the three best friends.

Still cannot believe that Lo and I both ended up at phi sig without even talking during rush week. It was meant to be.

Seriously what the HELL am I going to do without this girl next year? Wouldn't even be at Syracuse without her. From co's to sisters

Still one of the absolute best nights of this year! Have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

Beyond excited for Lesen to come back next Fall - WHY ARE ALL MY BEST FRIENDS JUNIORS?!!

One of the first nights out at Cuse with PROM BOY and Eliza!

This picture wraps up the entire year, full circle throwback <3

Definitely one of the best nights of this semester, so much fun.

Obsessed with my new family, wouldn't be nearly so happy this semester if it wasn't for them <3 Shambs