January 25, 2013

How to Stay Happy (and Healthy) During Spring Recruitment

Today is the first day of Spring Recruitment at Syracuse!!! I am writing this post a day early because for the next 72 hours I will be doing nothing but losing my voice trying to find the absolute most perfect group of girls for our new pledge class--I could not be more excited! However, I am still trying to figure out why PanHel even kids themselves in calling this "Spring" recruitment. The high temperature in Syracuse this week has barely risen past the one-digits. Between the cold temperature, lack of sleep and the sheer volume of people we will be coming in contact with, its important to have an emergency kit to stay happy and healthy during this busy time.

My recruitment essentials for sisters and PNMs:
1. EOS Lip Balm: I've never been one of those girls that absolutely needs to have at least one chapstick on them at all times but something about these little egg shaped ones are so addictive. I have the lemon one and it smells so much like lemon poppy seed muffins that it just makes me hungry every time I use it. Anyways, definitely a necessity with all the outdoor singing we will be doing this weekend.
2. Kashi TLC Trail Mix Bars: Snacks high in protein are perfect for these busy days where a full meal may not be an option.

3. Uggs or other comfy shoes: After a day of either racing from house to house (if you are a PNM) or of standing, singing, and jumping (if you are a sister), slipping into some warm and comfortable shoes is going to be a welcome reward.

4. Peppermint Patties: Since you can't really chew gum and talk at the same time, peppermint patties are my go-to treat for rush--delicious and breath-freshening!

5.  Bobble Water Bottle:  Just bought one of these at the bookstore. I already love the fact that I don't have to keep wasting my money on vending machine waters and hopefully it will make it so I won't have to refill the dreaded Brita every single day. 

6. Greek: Relax at the end of the day with a show that will make you remember what all this is about. 

7.  Airborne: I swear by this stuff. While it may taste gross, it really works. I promised myself I'd start each day with a tall glass of water and an Airborne to avoid getting sick these next two weekends, fingers crossed that it works!

8.Crabtree&Evelyn Antibacterial Moisturizing Hand Gel: This doesn't dry out your hands like regular Purell does, and it smells really good!

9. Tissues: For the tears of joy on bid day! (And for the cold weather...)