June 26, 2013

Happy Summer!

Me, Kelly and Lauren at the staff dance.
Camp has been absolutely amazing so far! I honestly cannot believe how quickly the past three weeks have gone. So far we've had one week of resource staff training, one week of staff training, and were into the first week of camper session one. Since getting here I've made tons of new friends, learned how to drive the boats, gone pontoon jumping, and tomorrow will get to go horse-riding!

It's so weird (and awesome) how it feels like absolutely no time has passed since I was last here. I really can't imagine leaving after 6 weeks like I had planned. As much as I remembered how much I loved camp I didn't truly remember what an amazing place it is until I got back. I forgot how close everyone gets and how the group really does feel like a family at times. So often I look around at how beautiful everything is around me and am actually shocked to think that I am being paid to have the best 6 weeks I've had since I was last at camp. This place is so stunning and I am so lucky to be here for as long as I am.

Sarah, my yurt roommate, Dan, and I on the first day of staff training!

Doing the sorority squat at a day off on the beach in Yarmouth.