June 3, 2013

My Favorite Bags

So far this summer I have been doing a lot of organizing and cleaning. I had no idea how many bags I owned! So as I decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones would be better off donated to my younger cousins, I thought I would do a post about my must-have bags. As a preface to this I would like to say that I am a firm believer that all bags should be monogrammed. 

Think about it, a lot of very valuable possessions go into bags...wallets, IDs, iPhones, AGENDA BOOKS... things that would really stink if they were stolen or lost! Hence... all bags should be monogrammed so that there is absolutely no confusion about what belongs to who. Not to mention, a monogram makes any bag look 992842x cuter. Also please take note of The Daily Prep's Muffy Aldrich on an important notice about monogramming dos and don'ts.

1. The Vera Bradley Large Duffel: I am not 100% sure how I feel about Vera Bradley. I don't think Vera Bradley is good for a daily purse or backpack. However, the company makes great things for travel. This duffel is the absolute perfect size for a weekend home from college, or a time-off from camp, or a quick trip to the Cape. I love that its soft and foldable so that when you're not using it it barely takes up any space. I got mine monogrammed with a circle monogram and I love that that sets it apart from everyone elses. 

2. The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote: Such a classic. The PERFECT beach bag. Practically indestructible, a preppy classic, and literally holds EVERYTHING. Done. (Must be monogrammed).

3. C. Wonder Nylon Easy Tote: Emma got me this little beaut for my Christmas this year. Monogrammed in matching gold thread of course. It's really a perfect little bag. It's just the right size for a purse and goes with absolutely everything!

4. Sorority Letter Bag: A Greek letter bag is an absolute must-have at Syracuse. No matter where you go you'll see a group of girls toting matching black nylon letter bags with their sorority's letters embroidered in. Phi Sig received such great letter bags as PR items this spring but I couldn't find a good picture of the exact ones we got.

5. The North Face Recon Backpack: I don't use my backpack that often, but there are some days (Midterms, finals week...) when the sorority letter bag just cannot hold all of my needs.

6. Longchamp Le Pliage Pouchette: I have a fake version of this that I absolutely love. I always bring it to class with me as it holds all of my pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, and other random things.