October 15, 2013


I thought I would hate living on South Campus this year. 
Namely because even though its only about a mile away from campus the bus journey can take up to a half hour. Despite that, it does have quite a few perks. I love having my own room, turning the light off when I want to, not having to wear shower shoes or carry a shower caddy, and just having more space in general. But most of all, I LOVE being able to cook for myself. 

I've always been a healthy eater and the options at the dining hall were far from satisfactory--or healthy. That being said I don't really know how to make a lot. My dinner options are pretty limited to stir-fry, stuffed peppers, and eggs. However, in my recent homework procrastination I came across tuna-stuffed avocados. 
The Tunacado, if you will. 


And literally so simple. You literally just make tuna however you usually like to eat tuna (I like it with onions and a little bit of mayonaise and a LOT of pepper) scoop out a little of the avocado, add it to the tuna, and then stuff the whole mixture back into the avocado, add salt, and eat with a spoon. Done and done.