October 21, 2013

Weekend at Home Purchases

It had literally felt like FOREVER since I had last gone shopping! I really shouldn't have but I can't say I'm not glad I did.

I was originally on a mission for a new comfy sweater. I had something Free People in mind but I literally couldn't find anything anywhere. I was just about to give up when I saw the Diamond Jacquard dress at Madewell. It's super heavy weight and warm so I thought it would be perfect for working at The Wellesley Holiday Boutique this winter and dinners out in England.

I was walking out when I couldn't resist going into the new Lululemon store. I've been needing a new pair of Wunder Unders since I broke the cardinal rule of yoga clothing and washed my crops AND my pants in a load with cotton towels :(((( ruined. Don't do it. Learn from my mistakes people!! So as I am trying on my new pants (apparently the new Full-On Luon material is supposed to be more resistant to pilling--fingers crossed) I needed to try on a tank top to make sure it looked alright. And then naturally I had to buy the tank top too...

All in all, successful trip, a little TOO successful probably. Except I never got a sweater... Until next weekend!