January 5, 2014

Roll On 2014!

This year feels like it went so quickly but it also feels like ages ago that I was shopping preparing for recruitment, shopping for big/little baskets and practically failing forensic science with my big. 

Here are my best memories from 2013!
 Spending as much time as possible with my best friend before she graduated!

 Taking two perfect littles in the Spring and spending days with Emma preparing for their arrival.
 Having one of my best friends join Phi Sig in the Spring and keeping me sane when I miss home too much.
 Spending one last semester with two of my best friends before they shipped off abroad for the Fall.
 Many vacations with mom!
The annual trip to Owasco Lake
The absolute highlight of my year was working at camp this summer and spending every day driving the boat and baking in the sun!
 Meeting my amazing boyfriend and spending as much time as possible going to the beach and exploring the Cape.