June 16, 2011

Marion Trip

On Tuesday Tycho and I drove to Marion despite the warnings of bad weather. We spent the first day driving around New Bedford and getting terribly lost, but we finally stopped at one of the huge antique warehouses and managed to catch the last hour. I bought this old key to make a necklace with, I just have to find a store that sells long chains. I have so many little things that would make nice necklaces… just no chains. I also got this little vanity and chair that was made for a dollset. It was a random buy. I wanted the whole set of furniture but I couldn’t resist this. I would loved to see the house that goes with it, I bet it was beautiful.

Today it finally warmed up and we went to the beach, picked strawberries, got iced coffee, went back to the beach, and got lobster rolls at Oxford Creamery (another thing to cross off the list!).

This cat had the greatest life, it had another cat friend and the whole time we were there they pounced and played and rolled around in the strawberry patches.

Cutest puppy EVER
My Name is Memory - Ann Brashares