June 15, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Now that Tycho bought his new Nikon I can officially pretend to be Emily Schuman from Cupcakes&Cashmere and blog about cool antiques and restaurants and home decorating. According to Hannah all I need now is an apartment in LA, a black cat, and “really pretentious pasta salad recipes”…coming right up.

Leaving sunny, tropical, Captiva to rainy, gray, Massachusetts was a disappointment but today we spent the day eating breakfast at the Charles River Coffee House and then visiting the Elm Bank Antique Show, something that has been on the Summer 2011 To-Do list since last summer. I didn’t buy anything except for a birthday gift for Tycho that he’s supposed to forget about til August, but I definitely saw some things I liked.

sterling silver fish beads from Madrid

old horseshoes

roses from the garden

ham, swiss, and egg breakfast sandwich

coffee and a +1 manicure