June 18, 2011

Missing Home

While its absoultely crushing my soul that I am not at camp right now, I am trying to think of all of the thinks that I would miss if I were at camp:

1. Spending all of August shopping for everything imaginable I could ever need for college. (As opposed to feverishly trying to think of everything I would ever need for a year away from home in the two short days I would have in between the end of banquet and Syracuse. And just dealing with college stuff in general.
2. Sleeping in. (Although I do miss the discipline it took to begin naturally waking up at 7:00am every morning).
3. Fresh fruit, home cooked food, meat that's actually edible.
4. Being able to wear nice summer clothes.
5. Some of my friends and family.
6. Silvershell, Marion, Nantucket.
7. My room.

Wahh, weak list. But what's done is done.