September 15, 2013

Filtr Nederland--Spotify--GO

Maybe it's just because up until the past three weeks I've spent the last three months of my life living in a yurt with limited wi-fi in the middle of the woods but music has absolutely TAKEN OFF in the past three weeks. Since being back at school I've decided to take an active stand against my deep state of poverty and get a job. I now spend my Tuesday and Thursday (and occasionally Friday) mornings working what might be my most glamorous job yet--sweeping up hair and wiping off tanning beds. I knew anything after being boat driver for three months would be a step down but womp. I am being dramatic, its not bad at all. In fact, besides free tanning and discounted manicures the best part about it is that my boss plays Spotify during business hours--and he has good taste. 

Enter Filtr Nederland. 

I know you're on a computer or an iPhone if you're reading this so do yourself a favor and open Spotify and follow everything Filtr Nederland has to offer. 

I don't really know anything about Filtr Nederland as his/her/its entire Facebook and Spotify pages are in Dutch but these mixes are great.