September 3, 2013

Summer Recap

Summer 2013 in 16 Photos:
 1. One of the first sunsets over Spectacle pond during the staff training overnight
2. Lewis and I on our first time off to Yarmouth Beach
3. A day at the office:)
4. Mack, Lewis and I on a time off at The Wave
5. Camp sticker over Triangle Pond!
6. JC'10 back at camp together again for the first time since summer 2010!
7. Lewis and I at Craigville Beach
8. Another stunning Spectacle Pond sunset
9. A perfect day on ACK with my boyfriend
10. My brother and I at Surfside
11. JC'10 reppin the Neutral team at M&P
12. Nantucket Harbor
13. Hayward Resource staff 2013---such an amazing group of women to spend my summer with!!
14. Was beyond happy to have been able to stay at camp for M&P this year
15. Spent many days at one of my favorite beaches this summer
16. Was SO hard to say goodbye to my home for this summer, couldn't have asked for anything better!

End of Summer Update...
 1. Got a much needed upgrade to a new pair of Jacks
2. Our annual Labor Day trip to Lake Owasco
3. Last day boating of the summer
4. Fireworks over Boston Harbor on Lewis and I's last night