January 13, 2014

An Open Letter To Fisherman Rain Slickers

Dear Fisherman Rain Slickers,

There are certain clothing items that I really can't resist. Some women can't walk away from the perfect heels or handbag but I have a SERIOUS problem when it comes to two things: summer shorts and COATS.

And I have a SERIOUS middle-school-slow-dance kinda crush on you.

It was love at first sight and I can remember it flawlessly. It was raining cats and dogs one day while I was working at the WHB and I had to run down to Wellesley Bakery to pick up the California wraps for everyone. I was wearing my North Face parka that day (warm but NOT waterproof) so one of the other women offered me her coat. Lo and behold... the fisherman rain jacket. That bright smiley yellow is enough to brighten the grayest of gray days.

I think drizzly London and my two weeks by the English sea probably swayed me in the direction of only needing you more and more in my life.

Someday we will be together.

Jack Wills 
Urban Outfitters