January 22, 2014

England Week Four

I am absolutely in love with Kensington Gardens. I have to say I really hated the look of Bayswater when I first saw it. Our flat was ugly and gray and the area seemed loud and overcrowded compared to the other prettier areas of London I had seen before. It's safe to say I was pretty nervous to leave Bloomsbury, which had become so familiar, for our new neighborhood.

When we arrived on Friday though I think it's safe to say I wasn't the only one who was pleasantly shocked by how much our landlord had cleaned up. It looked miles better. Since Friday my roommates and I have spent all our free time exploring the area and to say I judged it waaaaay too harshly is an understatement. Our street is one delicious looking restaurant after another.

A Waitrose grocery store is directly under our building. We have a little mall with my personal favorite food shop--Mark's and Spencer's--right next door. But the absolute best part is how close we are to my new favorite spot, Kensington Gardens. I love all of Hyde Park... I think Southwold and Beccles are still my favorite places in all of England so far but this park definitely takes the title as far as London spots go.

It's like my own little Waban walk all the way in the UK...everything that I didn't have in Syracuse. This morning I even had time to have a leisurely jog around the Serpentine lake before my BBC class. So beautiful. Can't wait to walk around here with Lewis when he comes in a few weeks and with my family in February.

The Italian Gardens, so beautiful.
The absolute best morning run around the Serpentine.
The roommates