January 28, 2014

Tuesday Adventures

Being here still feels a little bit like a vacation. The newness of my morning commute is still enjoyable. I find it slightly more exciting than dreadful when the central line breaks down and I'm "forced" to take the scenic bus route through Paddington. I hope that sticks. Today I ended class around two and after my Monday of travel and lectures yesterday I felt the need for an adventure. I'd read about the lesser known branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum--the Museum of Childhood-- in my tourist book and it seemed interesting.
Museum of Childhood
The museum was in East London at a tube stop called Bethnal Green. Not the nicest of places from what I saw but the museum was very easy to spot. At first, besides the gift shop full of vintage inspired toys I didn't really think the museum was worth my time. But as I wandered upstairs I found the display on antique doll houses. OK, I know that sounds really lame but ever since I was little I've always had a serious obsession with miniature houses (does anyone remember Tiny Treasures?!). Tell me these things aren't cool.
Such bad quality picture, but I want this house!
Toy soldiers
Next I decided to be spontaneous and travel to Camden. Besides Borough I hadn't really been to a market yet until today. It was... Something. I was trying so hard not to look as shell-shocked as I was while walking around. It felt like the type of place where a independently touring Kate could get lost and never get found again. I read in the tourist book that it had a big goth/punk section but for some reason I didn't really think that one through. Safe to say I definitely looked a little ridic in my fluffy white Patagonia and leggings. All in all I'm glad I explored today. Although my next trip to Camden I will definitely going to be bringing a boy with me to ease my nerves (hi Lewis).

Camden Market
Next up I want to visit Da Mario's Pizza in Kensington (apparently Princess Di's pizza of choice), Spitalfield's, and the Kew Gardens. So much to see, so little time!