June 30, 2014

Nantucket Guide!

I was planning on writing my own guide to the things you absolutely CANNOT miss in Nantucket before Lewis and I headed down there in a few weeks buttttttttt Lilly already beat me to it (and they did a pretty flawless job! What else is new?)!

So, whether this is your 10th summer or your 1st, if you are lucky enough to be taking a trip to the best island on earth you should definitely read up. Top five on my bucket list this summer?

1. Nobadeer: It really is "the party beach" and I love the atmosphere, the people watching, the waves, and the food. 
2. Something Natural: This is the one thing that Lilly missed! The #1 best sandwiches I have EVER, EVER had in my life. YUM!
3. Cisco Brewery: Now that I am 21 I can fully enjoy the beauty of this place!
4. Chicken Box: Can't think of a better way to end the perfect day on ACK than with a little party.
5. Millie's: Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.

*6: And I want to get everywhere via bike!
What's on your list?