February 18, 2013

February 13 Best of: Nostalgia

I know it's only Monday but I've been having a pretty weird week so far. I am not sure if it's because last weekend was the first all semester that I've gotten a chance to relax and reflect but I've been feeling pretty nostalgic/homesick. I cannot believe how quickly this semester has been flying by, I've been so busy that I barely even noticed that it's almost March!
Spring break is only a few weeks away but I've been really craving some Boston love. Lately these songs from my sleep/slow playlist have been on repeat. The full sleep/slow playlist can be found here and is basically a collection of the 75 saddest songs I've ever heard since, like, 7th grade. Honestly so good for those days when you just need to have a good think, nap, reflection, or cry. This playlist is definitely on a more somber note than last month's "13 Best of" but everyone has those days and hopefully this will help:)