February 16, 2013

Shopping List!

I am FINALLY going to the mall tomorrow and its embarrassing how excited I am!!! Recruitment was literally so stressful (and fun! But really stressful...) and I've been DYING for some retail therapy ever since, but after getting bronchitis from recruitment and spending the last few weeks catching up on work I haven't gotten a chance to go this semester. Tess's mom is visiting this weekend for parents weekend and not only was she amazing enough to take me and Mackenzie out for a delicious meal at Pastabilitie's tonight she is letting me hitch a ride to Destiny USA (literally the strangest name ever for a mall, I know) with them tomorrow. Here's whats on my shopping list...
1. Cute, Colorful Nikes 

2. The Perfect Going Out Dress
(So I don't have to threaten going nude to anymore date parties...)

3. Something fun and springy...
I'll let you know how it goes!