February 24, 2013

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was packed with all of my favorite things!

On Thursday night me and Mackenzie went on a spur of the moment trip back to her house. We cooked real food, I got to snuggle with cats, watched Safe Haven, and painted nails. I also got my little(s!!!!) this weekend!!! I love them both and I absolutely CANNOT wait til they are allowed to know who I am. 

Me, Emma, Lo, and Mackenzie spent most of Friday buying out all of Micheal's, Target, and Five Below for basket supplies. I think Shambles is definitely going to keep up the tradition of going totally over the top when spoiling our littles. I am so excited to post pictures of the baskets when they are done!! Later we went to a circus themed party and met up with some of my best friends from Phi Sig that graduated last year, it was great to see them but I wish they could stay forever :( .
Getting a little crazy in the Target parking lot
Before the circus party!

Saturday, Emma and I camped out in the Watson Study Lounge and crafted the night away. Today I got up early to participate in a dodge ball tournament philanthropy event. And the best surprise of the day was when my friend Liana brought me my absolute favorite soup from my favorite deli in Wellesley! All in all the weekend was just what I needed... a little R&R in an actual home with an actual mom, a little taste of the real world with all the big/little shopping, and some quality time with my big before I become a big myself:)

Thanks for the soup Liana!
Phi Sig takes Sig Ep dodgeball!