February 7, 2013

Heavy Rotation

My usual cozy ensemble.
I am in a major outfit rut. 

When I am home and working at my mom's store its a lot easier to motivate myself to put aside the yoga pants and don a real outfit on the daily. But back at school I am constantly alternating between my WunderUnders and my beloved "buttzips." I have two pairs of each and they are absolutely addictive in their comfort and versatility; I've convinced pretty much all of my friends to invest in a pair of the wonderful, amazing J.Crew Pixie Pant (better known in my circle as buttzips). Any sort of legging-pant paired with the coziest sweater I can get my hands on and a chambray shirt has basically been daily my uniform ever since the weather turned bitter around October.

Anyways, Emma was over last night and mentioned that she had never seen me wear the majority of the tops that pack my overstuffed closet. I have shirts on shirts on shirts that have barely even seen the light of day at Syracuse! It really is a shame, there are so many outfits just to waste.

She dared me to wear something today that wasn't leggings and a sweater--and I did!... only to spill an entire spoonful of strawberry Chobani on my shirt this morning in graphics. No one saw though! (I hope...). I'm not going to lie though, there was definitely a little voice in the back of my head that taunted, "this wouldn't have happened had you been wearing the 'buttzips.'" But I wiped it off and recovered, and today I've realized that actually getting dressed in the morning has some benefits. For example, I am way less likely to crawl back into bed in between classes if my clothing doesn't so closely resemble sleepwear and I actually feel a lot more alert during the day knowing that I am not wearing something that would be just as suitable to curl up and watch TV in on the weekends.

Crisp and professional for class!
Here is today's outfit. A little better right?? At least I wore "real pants" for once (aka nothing legging-like or black). I am definitely going to try to make it a habit to branch out of my regular uniform a few more days a week.

But in case you still can't break your yoga-pant obsession here's a link to the J.Crew Factory version of the Pixie Pant. They're not exactly a butt-zip because the zipper is on the side, but other than that they are the exact same pant, and $28 cheaper! For those days when a cozy sweater and leggings just can't be replaced...the weekend calls!