November 27, 2013


I cut my hair!!
Four inches to be exact, six from the (shockingly!) shortest layer.
It was very daring of me. My hair grew to be quite long spending the entire summer soaking up more than my fair share of Vitamin D and fresh ocean water.
My hair gets bleached really quickly by the sun and I absolutely love how blonde and shimmery it gets...but it also makes it grow like a bona-fide weed. After taking a few pictures at my sorority's Fall formal last weekend I realized that it was definitely a bit TOO long to compliment my face. Working at a salon this Fall really opened my eyes to the benefits of a good haircut. A few inches off can take precious minutes off of styling time and can even help a blowout to last more than just a day. My head feels a lot lighter and even though I miss my long ponytail I know it will be grown back double the length before I even land in England, but until then I am loving my choppy layers!