November 27, 2013

Newbury St. Shopping

On Monday my mom and I took the day off from work at the WHB and ventured into Back Bay to do a little Christmas Shopping. And by a little Christmas Shopping I mean one big gift...for me.
I am finally the proud new owner of a Barbour coat!!!!

Ok, not actually YET, because my mom is making me wait til the real Christmas morning, but it's here in the house! I have it somewhere!! I officially am ready for London and will fit right in haha. 
I absolutely CANNOT wait and in exactly 30 days I will be sprinting off my Virgin Atlantic 747 to make a big reunion lovey scene with Lewis in the middle of Heathrow. 

Couldn't be more excited.
There will be pictures, probably.

My mom and I strolled around Newbury St., me happily toting my crisp sage colored Barbour bag, and enjoyed a late lunch at Trident Booksellers and Cafe. Deeeeeelicious. Get the Trident Chicken Salad. Go!

P.S. How cute (and CLASSY!) does Princess Di look in her Beadnell? Ugh I am in love.