March 9, 2013

13 Questions!

(1) What's your favorite vacation destination? Nantucket, duh!!! But really anywhere with a beach. I love all of Cape Cod, Captiva Island in Florida has a lot of great family memories for me. The British Virgin Islands were absolutely stunning, and I would never say no to another trip back to Palm Beach, Aruba. 

(2) Coke or Pepsi? Neither, the carbonation hurts my throat... I'm a baby, I know.

(3) Favorite childhood TV show? Full House, Lizzie McGuire, As Told By Ginger, Boy Meets World. Still love every single one of those shows. I with Lizzie McGuire and As Told By Ginger still played reruns haha I really miss that stuff. 

(4) What's your pump-up song? Anything by KapSlap!

(5) What's your favorite accessory? My Tory Burch crossbody. Or my RayBans. I am still shocked I haven't lost those sunglasses yet. 

(6) What's your guilty pleasure? Breakfast sandwiches, I die.

(7) What's your pet peeve? Slow walkers. Snorers. Unprofessional or unreliable people.

(8) City or country? Suburb:)

(9) What's your favorite monogram style? Circle! Circle all the way, always circle.

(10) What is your go-to drink at Starbucks? Nonfat mocha, no whip.

(11) What are you most excited about for spring? The clothes!

(12) What's your dream job? Public relations for a magazine or clothing store. I would love to be in charge of the social media or event planning for a brand that I am passionate about.

(13) Spring item you are most coveting? Ugh, there are way too many haha. A new Lilly bikini, colorful Nike sneakers, a Lulu Lemon tank. Crop tops from American Apparel.