March 3, 2013


I have been the worst blogger ever lately!!! It's midterm week and this has basically been my life:
Glamorous, I know. 

Literally all I've had time for lately has been posting all my new music, which has been plentiful lately, no complaints here. But I didn't intend for this blog to be a music blog so I need to keep writing. I just finished putting things together for the last big/little baskets!!! I cannot believe it's already over (kind of). I literally cannot wait for my littles to find out who I am so we can finally hang out! Later this week I will be able to post pictures of all the cool things I've made for them the past month or so. Since I can't actually post the things I've made YET (who knows if my littles are cool enough to have started blog-stalking me yet), here's some things I took inspiration from:
Turns out a pound of rhinestones goes a LONG way. I made my littles countless bedazzled gifts but today I felt like making something for myself instead of studying for midterms. Naturally, I bedazzled my white board. I gotta give credit where credit is deserved and this was actually my roommate Lily's idea. I just want to glue gun rhinestones to every possible surface. It's strangely so relaxing.

Anyways, I will keep you updated when I can finally post my basket pics. I am so proud of them!!:)