March 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013!

My mom and I took a trip to the ICA museum in South Boston. I hadn't been there since one of my first ever dates with Tycho back in 2009. It was fun doing something out of the ordinary with my mom!
Mom enjoying the view of the harbor at the ICA.
On one of the first nights back I went for a walk around one of my favorite places (Lake Waban) with one of my oldest friends, Austin, and his adorable dog, Harry.
Made delicious food!

Finally made it to those Wrenthem Outlets! Unfortunately, I did not come back with any of these Tory Burch treasures.
Managed to watch the entire first two seasons of The O.C. I think this is probably my 9th time going through this show. #nevergetsold
After the ICA my mom and I went Charles St. for some window-shopping. It was the most beautiful day and I always forget how picturesque Charles St. is. Here are some gorgeous needlepoint belts we saw at one of my favorite stores, North River Outfitters.
Finally got my colorful Nikes I have been coveting for what feels like forever!
Lake Winnipesaukee the afternoon of my grandmother's funeral. A very morose day, but nice to catch up with family that I haven't seen in a while.
While I was insanely jealous of all my friends who were posting Instagram pics of various beaches, tropical drinks, and sunsets, I managed to have a great spring break at home! I did everything on my Spring Break Bucket List and more. Just being home and going on walks with my family and friends around my favorite places was vacation enough for me.