March 5, 2013

Big Little Reveal!!

It's finally reveal, I have been waiting so long to post this!!! I can finally say to the world how much I am in love with my perfect beautiful littles!!! Hiiiii Rylee and Alex welcome to THE BEST FAMILY in Phi Sig. Seriously you don't even know how much love you're getting yourselves into:).

Now I can finally brag about how beautiful these crafts I made were! 
Emma, Me, Rylee, and Alex: The New and Improved Shambles! Note the embroidered Vineyard Vines whale reveal shirts... yeah we went there...  
Emma and I had so much fun making these! I wish I had a better picture. But basically these beautiful boxes started out as plain white wooden boxes. We painted a chevron patter on the top and then got the babies' initials and painted those a solid color and hot glue gunned them on. Then I added the rhinestone details around them. Finally, I had been collecting so many cute cut out things from Glamour magazine this past year. I used some cute quotes and pictures that would make good clues for who we were--like the tiny monogram necklace in the bottom left corner of this picture!--and then collaged them on the inside bottom of the box. So fun too make and I think they turned out so well!!
 Emma made one of these for me last year and I absolutely love it. Her's had pink rhinestones in it too. But these are so cute for hanging in your dorm room or decorating your desk at home with. Love!
 Cute little leftover buckets from my 18th Birthday Brunch. I added some glitter initial stickers to the outside for personalization and then filled them with little goodies like candy and nail polish:)
 Alex's "You and Me" basket! This is the 2nd basket and for Shambles, its always the best and most extravagent. You're supposed to fill it with all the little's favorite things (books, magazines, movies, candy, food, etc) and then some of your favorite things as well. It usually works out pretty well because me and Emma and now me and Alex and Rylee have a lot of the same favorite things!
 Rylee's "You and Me" basket. I literally wanted to keep all of this stuff for myself--that's how you know you did a good job!
Rylee's "Going Out and Staying In" basket.

My corny basket clues. Haha rhyming isn't my strong suit... crafting (and picking littles!) is! 
Couldn't be more obsessed with my new family members:)
<3 <3 <3