March 19, 2013

iPhone Games

I have never been a big iPhone game person. I had a short stint with Words With Friends and an even shorter stint with Temple Run, but I never hoped on the Angry Birds bandwagon and that 4 Pics 1 Word game just annoys me. 

Enter Icomania.

Maybe its the fact that I've been taking graphic design classes all year but the little icon pictures are just so cool. I love this game because its just the right level of difficulty. I've spent enough time at Target and running errands with my mom that all of the brand names are at the very least vaguely familiar to me. Basically they simplify pictures of characters, brands logos, and famous people and you have to guess what they are.

This is the first one they give you. They start out pretty easy but they can get tough!! Allie showed me IconPopBrand and IconPopQuiz I like even better. On Icomania if you get stuck you can't move forward unless you cheat and Google it or bother everyone you know by waving your phone in their face and asking if they know what this picture means. But on IconPopBrand and IconPopQuiz you can click any of the pictures and guess as you please.

It's so addicting.
You're welcome.