March 27, 2013

Camp Hayward Interview

So there is a teeny, tiny, chance I might be returning to my all time favorite place this summer. CAMP! I have my interview today and I am literally so nervous. I got a little choked up even writing my application late Monday night. This paragraph was my absolute gold:

"Ever since my JC summer I have dreamed of returning to Hayward. My passion for camp is apparent to anyone that knows me. In the past few years I have encouraged many of my close family friends and younger cousins to attend the camp that has changed my life so drastically. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them develop a love for camp that is just as strong as mine. I know that my enthusiasm and passion for camp will show every single day that I am there. With this energy I hope to inspire campers and staff alike to enjoy their summer to it’s fullest. No matter what task I am doing, whether it be as exciting as pontoon jumping or as seemingly mundane as camp clean-up, I will devote my positive attitude toward making it as fun as possible for all around me. In all honesty, my experiences at Camp Hayward have influenced so much of my life, including my decision to attend Syracuse University and my decision to join Phi Sigma Sigma. The lifelong friendships I have made at Camp Hayward have provided me with an unbreakable support system the past few years and I would love to again be a part of an organization that would foster these relationships in future generations of campers." 
Tess asked me how long that took to write and I laughed and said only a minute. It's straight from the heart!