April 23, 2013

Classic Camp TV Episodes/Movies

I definitely don't think its a coincidence that my all time favorite TV episodes and movies have something to do with camp. Lately, as part of my final exam procrastination routine and my Camp Hayward preperation, I have been catching up on my all time favorite camp-themed videos. Obviously my excitement for camp this summer has truly gone out of control. 

Here are my Top 4 Camp Must-Sees!:

1. As Told By Ginger - "Season of Caprice"

Judge me all you want, but As Told By Ginger still doesn't get old. For a cartoon, this show handled some pretty heavy stuff! Long distance romances, mean girls, smoking, depression, all in Nickelodeon show! In this episode, Ginger succumbs to something every camp girl hopes to find: the perfect camp crush.

2. It Takes Two with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

UGH. Don't even get me started on this movie. Too late--I'm started. I freaking love every second of this. Ugh the camp in it looks just like that Camp Fuller that we visited my JC summer. Absolutely adore. In it, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen switch places--one goes to summer camp for orphans and another lives with the sexy, rich, entrepreneur father in a lake-side mansion. Perfection.
3. The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan

Well, if you haven't seen this movie before then just get off my blog right now because we can't be friends. No explanation necessary. Chose to watch this movie over going to Phi Sig's last theme party this weekend--no regrets. Love.
4. Full House - "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night"

This episode is kind of sad. Michelle misses camp so much that she steals a bunny to take home as a souvineir and then she and Stephanie and DJ have to go back to Camp Lakota during the off-season. Everyone knows that there is nothing more depressing than being at camp during off-season! I mean come on! Duh! And its a little scary which is definitely a plus.