April 29, 2013

Spring Weekend!

The last full weekend of my sophomore year was definitely one of the best! I literally had something fun to do from Wednesday to Sunday. The weekend began on Wednesday when our seniors had frat crawl. Me and my littles had a ton of fun dressing Emma up as the Little Mermaid and going to the frats with her. 

Then, traditionally, the last weekend of the semester is called Mayfest. SU puts on a big party and people go crazy before finals start the next week. Somehow I got super lucky this semester and I don't have a lot of finals so I was definitely able to have a stress-free weekend this weekend. All in all, it was a ton of fun and I think I took more pictures this weekend alone than I have all semester haha
Friday was my first castle court experience... so wild! Mayfest used to be a huge street party near a lot of off-campus apartments, recently the school tried to make it safer by hosting it in Walnut Park, but clearly students still find a way to have fun:) Literally everyone was at this party it was so crazy. Me and Allie were rocking '60s inspired headbands.

The night ended with a Trey Songz and Ke$ha concert at the Carrier Dome. I am not the biggest fan but me and Mackenzie had the absolute best time dancing like lunatics alone on the dance floor.

 On Saturday my friends and I participated in a fraternity philanthropy before going to another round of day parties. American inspired apparel was definitely the theme for the day. We were definitely worn out by the end of the day...

 On Sunday we toned down the 5 day weekend by going for a hike as a house. This was the cool location where me and Carly hiked last semester. So beautiful! I loved doing a fun activity with my sisters that wasn't the usual mixer. And I got to spend time with one of my littles! So sad that I won't be seeing her next year :(