April 21, 2013

Lusting Over: Coral Wedges

The other day at the mall, Lo and I saw this girl wearing close-toe coral wedge espadrilles, jeans, and a white shirt. I immediately called my mom to alert her that my own and only birthday gift this year should be close-toe coral wedge espadrilles. 

Surprisingly, finding close-toe wedges was really hard to do. And I wanted them to not be too tall that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them casually during the day like this girl was. Unfortunately, when I finally found the PERFECT wedges the price was slightly out of my poor, poor, end of Spring semester college student budget. 

Solution: Target. These guys are totally affordable --not as cute of a color-- but definitely perfect for a red-white-blue America inspired outfit. Or with a white dress. Or with dark jeans and a white shirt. See? And because of the cheaper price, I won't feel guilty wearing (and therefore ruining them) them out in Syracuse when Summer is over! The possibilities are endless!