April 15, 2013

Top Five Favorite Phi Sig Shirts

I know my posts lately have been kind of over-the-top sratty but this is (probably) the last one for a while--promise!!! Inspired by Hannah from The Pink and Green Prep and the fact that we just got a really cool new PR shirt I wanted to post my top 5 favorite Greek life shirts I have received so far.

 Here we go: 

1. Our PR shirt for Spring recruitment this year! Loved the cotton candy colors (definitely helped to fake a tan!)

2. The Cinco de Drinko shirt from a few years ago.

3. These are the ones we just got today! So different from Phi Sig's usual style but so cool. I can't wait to it with high-waisted jean shorts, white shorts, or black skinny jeans. I also think this is a really cool style of shirt.

4. This is a super old shirt that I received in one of my big/little baskets last year. It kind of only looks good when you're tan but that means its only for special occasions:)

5. I am absolutely obsessed with everything there is about this shirt. It was last year's Cinco de Drinko shirt. I accidentally ripped it earlier this weekend and I am actually so upset about it :(