May 20, 2013


Some women have a purse addiction. Some can't pass up on a great pair of shoes. 

I am not one of those women. 

I have a serious, serious addiction to three things: Norts (Nike shorts for those of you who have been living under a college attire rock), T-Shirt Tank Tops, and chino shorts. 

Basically I have a really hard time getting dressed in the wintertime when putting throwing a pair of norts and a tank over a bikini won't exactly cut it for walking to class in the snow. 
Anyways, as I have been preparing and packing for camp my addiction/obsession has really become more apparent. I've determined that I could go at the very least two weeks without re-wearing a single pair of shorts or tank. I don't hate it. 
I have been working on my Norts collection for a few years now. Originally, I liked to stick with classic colors for track practice a lot of black and white... but now I like to get the craziest color combination the store has to offer (note my most recent camp purchase... the neon yellow ones--LOVE). I wear these whenever I don't feel like getting dressed "for real." A lot of other sports companies make knock-offs for a few dollars less, but don't be fooled people, they are NOT the same, and are not as comfortable or flattering. Stick to the orig people.
When I DO feel like wearing "real clothes," I wear these. Most of the chinos are from J.Crew I seriously can't go into a J.Crew without being lured in by the table of brightly colored shorts. They make you look so tan! They're so colorful I need them all! And Gap is usually good for patterned chinos.
The T-Shirt Tank Top is a highly valued item in my closet. I sleep in them, I run in them, I wear them to work at Truly's or the gym, I wear them to class when I am feeling lazy. They're the best. You can still get tan shoulders in the summer time, they don't show sweat. They're just the absolute best. Also, they're even becoming kind of lamely sentimental to me. I always have to buy one at every single fraternity philanthropy and every vacation spot I go to. Love them. 

Other problematic (and pricey) addictions include: Essie nail polish in shades of coral and orange, BIKINIS!, summer dresses, Jack Rogers sandals, Patagonia fleeces, and cotton tank tops.

What are your clothing addictions?