May 25, 2013

Summer Camp Packing Necessities

As you've probably noticed from the fact that I literally find a way to mention it in EVERY single blog post--- I am packing for camp! Unfortunately, its been so long since I was last at camp that I kind of forget the things that I knew to always bring. Luckily I remember the 9 most important things so I thought I would share in case any of you guys are lucky enough to be going away this summer as well!
1. Duct Tape: Duct Tape is the absolute most useful thing in the world. Don't even try to argue with me. Duct Tape can be used to patch a hole in a screen window so bugs won't get in. It can make a sleeping bag stay rolled when you lose the little Velcro part that is supposed to secure it. It can be used as a make-shift band-aid. It can be used to secure your flip-flops to your feet during a rousing game of Douse the Fire. It can be used to tape your camp drawers shut when its time to move out (I tear up at the thought). The list goes on and on. Duct Tape is a MUST. 

2. Norts: See my Addictions post. Enough said. 

3. Croakies: Lilly is obviously preferable but really any kind is a requirement. Sunglasses are basically a permanent fixture on my face while at camp considering I am constantly outside. But with all the running, swimming, and boating I do they can easily fall off. Hence--croakies. 

4. Shark Freestyle Watch: LOVE THIS THING. First of all, how cool are those colors? These watches are sure to enhance any tan, plus they'll leave you with a sick watch tan at the end of the summer. The Shark watch tells time in 2 different time zones so you can not only know the Hyannis time but you can also help out your fellow foreign friends by letting them know what the time is across the pond. It also has a stopwatch AND an alarm clock. I realize that these are probably features that ALL digital watches have, but they seem especially cool to me.

5. Converse All Stars: You never know when you'll need a pair of closed toe sneakers for high ropes or land sports. I am obsessed with these neon ones. I think I am the only person in all of Syracuse that doesn't own a pair of these shoes but I think these are the ones that will finally tempt me.

6. Nalgene: Hydration is a must.

7. Rainbows: Don't own a pair of these yet either, but this might be the summer. They always look so comfortable once they finally get broken in and they probably won't fall apart as easily as the $5 ones at Old Navy.

8. A Good Old Fashioned Composition Notebook: I kept a journal last time I was at camp and I forced myself to write in it every single day. I saved literally everything and pasted it in. I absolutely love that book and its probably one of my most valued possessions. 

9. CRAFTING SUPPLIES: You're not camp cool unless you have friendship bracelets up to your elbows.